Community Events
To keep our mission front and center in the public’s eyes and ears we offer Cock-A-Doodle Zoo to many different venues.
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Class Room Teaching
& Small Group Settings

With the use of our displays and curriculum, we will inevitably start to see an increase in students reading skills, science awareness and creative dreaming on how to help and change the world.
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Birthday Parties * Scout Troops * Church Groups * Picnics * Party Gazebo * Grilling

"Educating the public on the need for change regarding awareness of what we are doing to the animal kingdom".

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Current Facilities
Future Park

Our current facility is located in Scandia, Minnesota. Here we house our very diverse animal stewardship program. We are not open to the public but by reservation only.

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  • * Licensed by the USDA, MN DNR, BOAH
  • * Member Feline Conservation     Federation
  • * Fully Insured.